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The popularity of online casinos has reached some unimaginable indicators, everyone has heard about the largest and most famous institutions, without exception. So it is not surprising that there are scammers posing as their casino portals. And so that you can find a good gaming club, we have identified 5 indicators that indicate the institution’s


What requirements should a casino meet?

Before choosing the game portal, it is worth to figure out what requirements they must meet. Below are the key indicators that you need to pay attention to when choosing:

● The institution has a wide selection of games.

● The slots really win.

● Slot machines have a high RTP.

● There are popular ways to withdraw winnings and deposit money.

● There is a well-thought bonus system, the tournaments are held regularly.

● The process of withdrawing money takes no more than a day (exception – withdrawal to a card).

● The casino is licensed.

If you cannot find an institution for yourself, then you can take a look at our online casinos rating, where the most honest and respectable gaming clubs are represented.

Honest Casino is a licensed casino

A license is a guarantee of quality and a confirmation of honesty. The license is issued by special regulatory companies that supervise the activities of all controlled institutions.

To obtain a license, a casino must have a good reputation and impressive resource, since licensing is an expensive procedure. Therefore, obtaining a license indicates the serious intentions of the gaming club’s owner.

That is why scammers cannot license their fake sites. Even if they have money, the regulator will simply refuse them.

To find out if the casino has a license or not, just look at the bottom of the main page. And when you see the number there, check whether this license was really issued to this casino. To do this is very simple, just use the search engine.

Honest establishments offer a wide selection of games

What makes all the major online casinos different? They have a huge selection of games, from 2 thousand items or more. Now there are a lot of eminent companies that produce high-quality software, but not all gaming clubs can afford it. In our rating of online casinos there are institutions that can afford games from NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil and so on. So, if you see games from these companies in an institution, this also speaks of their quality.

Fraudsters will not be able to upload their software to their portal, since developers simply will not sell them games. Of course, slot machines can be faked, but this is easily verified, you just need to find out the managing server.

Why is it so important? Everything is simple here, and licensed RTP games (or return, as it is more convenient for anyone) is installed in the region of 95-98%. And for fake games, this figure is set in the region of 35-70%. That just “eats” your bankroll for a couple of dozen spins.

New games are regularly uploaded to the casino website

In order to lure the maximum number of users, casinos are forced to upload more and more various games to their sites. So, the number of games in most large projects has long exceeded 2 thousand. The usual set of entertainment is represented by the following categories:

● Slot machines.

● Slots with progressive jackpot.

● Board and card games.

● Roulette and poker.

● Live games.

● Sports betting.

Honest casino offers the most popular methods of depositing and withdrawing money in the region.

If the casino focuses on your region (for example, this is Russia and the CIS countries), then you will see the most popular ways to replenish in it. So, these are Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Qiwi, payment systems and so on for the selected region.

Another indicator of honesty is the connection  to international payment cards MasterCard and Visa, which never cooperate with scammers.

Another important indicator is the speed of the account money receipt. If you withdraw winnings to an electronic wallet, then the money must be received within 24 hours. This is normal that this process can take up to 5 days when the transfer makes to the card. But if it is indicated in the casino that the winnings will go on for about 7 days, and part of the amount goes away as taxes (usually this is about 30%), then there are definitely scammers.

Fair gaming clubs have 24/7 technical support

Large online gambling market players have always support round-the-clock, working in at least 2 languages. And this is absolutely normal, because in the process of the game, many users encounter a variety of problems.

Most often, support works through chat, where there is a choice of languages. In addition, managers can always be contacted via e-mail, and many popular projects have telegram chats.

If the casino website does not indicate any means of contacting the administration, then this is definitely a fraudulent website. Even if you are sure that the casino you have chosen is not fraudulent, anyway, contact technical support and wait for an answer. There is much to say about the speed and quality of the received response.

Basically, this is all you need to know in order to choose a suitable gaming establishment where you can not only have a pleasant free time, but also win!