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Despite the fact that a very active struggle with online casinos has been launched in the Russian Federation, everyone has seen advertising on gaming portals. And oh yes, advertising does an excellent job, attracts new users who want to find a good place for themselves, where they can play regularly.

The only problem is that

in the advertising of the game portal, no one will say about potential problems when playing in a casino. We stand for a conscious game, so we consider it our duty to tell newcomers about the problems that they may encounter.

The legislation of the Russian Federation prohibits the operation of online casinos

This is the first thing to talk about. Of course, a Russian person cannot be scared by breaking the law, but this can lead, to a certain kind, to inconvenience when playing.

The whole problem is that illegal casino portals are regularly blocked by tax officials and Roskomnadzor. The registry of banned sites is actually updated every day with new gaming portals. Of course, no one can be stopped by such measures, and after the next casino site is blocked, its administration simply creates a “mirror”. True, now it’s not so easy to find them, but the good news is that most of the respectable establishments from our rating of online casinos have long acquired a mobile application that cannot be blocked.

By the way, classic gambling establishments in Russia are also prohibited. You can play exclusively in special zones: in Kaliningrad, Crimea, Krasnodar, Altai and Primorsky Territories.

The probability of winning is in the slot settings

Oh yes, the advertisement always says exclusively about “giving slot machines”, but only in reality – everything is not so rosy, and depends on how the slots are configured.

Moreover, the players have no guarantees that the real percentage of winnings will correspond to the indicators indicated on the institution’s site. And even if you were able to break the “bank” once, you should not expect that you will start winning every day. Online casino is a very profitable business, so the institution will always be a winner.

Of course, if you play in a well-known casino that has a license, then you can not worry about the percentage of returns on slots, but this rule applies exclusively to licensed projects. Check for a license directly on the site, the number and jurisdiction that issued the license will be indicated there. Then it is worth making sure whether this license really exists. To do this, just indicate its number in the search engine and make sure that this institution is really licensed.

Bonuses in the casino: is there any profit at all?

Any gaming institution offers regular players and beginners all sorts of bonuses:

● no deposit;

● free spins;

● deposit bonuses;

● cashback, etc.

And inexperienced users may decide that these are really good conditions, but that’s not at all the case.

Almost always, a bonus is required to be wagered, and to do this over and over again. This is called a wager. It ranges from 20 to 50. What does this mean? Let’s look at an example. So, you received a bonus from the deposit – 1000 rubles, and the wager is x40, i.e. you will have to win back this amount 40 times, up to 40,000 rubles. And until you do this, withdrawing money will not work. Only sometimes you can meet bonuses where you don’t have to win anything back, but you won’t manage to win much there either.

Problems with deposits and withdrawals

Back in 2018, a bill, that prohibits the payments to online casinos, was passed. This includes all projects that operate without a license issued in the Russian Federation.

And already in 2019, the Tax Service formed a list of individuals and companies whose accounts are prohibited from transferring funds. This list is regularly updated by new organizations. So it is likely that you may have problems making deposits and withdrawing money, respectively. So do not believe the words blindly that you will receive your winnings within 24 hours, you may never get it.

Fake casinos

On the network you can find many fraudulent portals that impersonate popular and legal projects. There are already many options for how to lure users to your site, but most often one letter in the game’s portal name is changed, when compared with the real casino site. Shortly speaking, the main goal of scammers is to get your money, which you will transfer, counting on bonuses and fair play.

On the official casino website it must be indicated the license documents, legal address, phone number and so on. First of all, check the license, how to do it – we already told.

Game addiction

Ludomania is a serious problem, which represents a mental disorder embodied in a pathological craving for gambling. And the consequences of gambling addiction are the saddest.

It is Ludomania that is the main argument of all opponents of gambling. But not all of them are aware that about 80% of cases of Ludomania are related exclusively to slot machines. Mental disorder makes the craving for the game irresistible, and if you know such players, then advise them to seek for psychological help. All gambling establishments from our online casinos rating comply with the principles of responsible gaming and help people with a similar mental illness.

In principle, these are all “pitfalls” that you need to know before deciding whether to start playing in a casino or not.