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For all its seemingly simplicity, choosing the right casino is not so simple. So today we will talk about the main points that should be considered when choosing an online casino for a permanent game.

 Casino Localization

 The first step is to make sure that in this gaming institution accept players from your country. Law-abiding

casinos comply with local laws, so the registration may be prohibited for players from other countries to which their license does not apply.

 But that is not all. An institution that specializes in, let’s say, players from the CIS, will certainly be localized into Russian. In addition, it will be connected to all the most popular ways of making a deposit and withdrawing winnings.

 This will make your game much more convenient, especially if you do not know English.

 License availability

 All honest online casinos are licensed. What does it mean? Simply put, their work is regulated by the government of a certain country. To start working in the region, there should not be a ban on online gambling in the country. So, a license is issued by a country or jurisdiction. Countries (Estonia, Great Britain, etc.) issue licenses to projects that will work only with citizens of this country, thus receiving taxes to the treasury. Jurisdiction’s license (Curaçao, Malta, etc.), issued license to the projects, that allows them to work across the globe.

 A license is a guarantee that your winnings will be paid out. Otherwise, the player just needs to contact the regulator that issued the license. After that, the regulator must listen to both sides, and if the user was right, he will be paid his legitimate winnings, and the casino will be reprimanded or lose its license, which costs a lot of money.

 What games can you play in this casino?

 Anyone has a favorite game, so when choosing an institution from the online casinos rating, it is important for us to be present in it. For example, if you like poker, then it is important for you to have poker and other card games. Being a fan of software of a certain company means you need it in a casino, where it is guaranteed to be there. And if you are interested in the Live games that are popular now, then choose the game portal where they are present.

So before registering on the casino website and making a deposit, check the entertainment catalog and make a couple of spins in the Demo mode.

 Professionalism of technical support

 Playing on the Internet goes hand in hand with various technical difficulties, so it is impossible to overestimate the importance of competent support. Moreover, technical support managers must speak the same language with you and work 24/7.

 Another important indicator is the speed of response. It is much more pleasant when it takes several minutes, not days, to solve your problem. So round-the-clock support is very important. Preferably that there is a chat to communicate with technical support, since communication via e-mail is not the most preferred option, since the message may simply not be noticed if it falls into the Spam folder.

The presence of bonuses, loyalty systems, tournaments, etc.

 Bonuses and various reward systems are the main marketing tool of any institution from the online casino rating. Thanks to bonuses, new players appear on the game portal. Proper use of bonuses, can help you without any doubt.

 If you are just starting to play, then you should look for an institution in which there is a no deposit bonus that allows you to win a small amount without spending a single ruble. This will allow you to get acquainted with the work of the slots, and to understand whether the winnings are paid here.

After that, focus on your own interests. For example, the institution should have a cashback, which will allow you to return part of the spent money. And if you like to play in the mornings / evenings / weekends, then you will need bonuses, which imply a deposit increasing when replenishing in the morning / evening / on the weekend. It would seem a trifle, but pleasant.

Then it is worth focusing on loyalty systems for regular players, as well as the availability of tournaments, because competing with professional players is much more interesting than winning the casino over and over again.

Ways to make a deposit and withdraw money

This is another important point, because when playing, the user is regularly faced with the necessity to withdraw winnings and make deposits in order to receive bonuses. Therefore, look for a casino where there will be convenient ways to replenish. And here we can recall the first item on our list, where this has already been mentioned.

 So, for example, if the institution specializes in players from the CIS, then you will see approximately the following list of deposit and withdrawal methods:

 ● international plastic cards: Visa, MasterCard;

● e-wallets: Yandex, Qiwi, WebMoney;

● Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies;

● payment services: Skrill, etc.

 Another important point is the speed of applications’ processing for payments. Usually, in most casinos, money is credited to your account during the day. But, if you withdraw winnings to the card, then the process can be delayed for almost a week, since banks process payments for quite some time.

Basically, this is all you need to know in order to choose the best online casino! We hope that our material was useful to you.