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Before you begin the story of how an online casino works, you need to clearly understand what it is. So, an online casino is a gaming portal that allows users to play their favorite gambling online. Such establishments are attractive in that you don’t need much time to master them, you don’t even have to

download anything, just go to the site, register (if you want to play for money or play for free in the Demo mode), make a deposit and play the slot you like. At the same time, institutions from our online casinos rating guarantee the honesty of all transactions, which is confirmed by the license presence. Moreover, reputation is not an empty phrase for any major international gaming house.

 What games can I play at online casinos?

Most online establishments offer a fairly extensive list of games, including:

● many types of roulette;

● card games (blackjack, poker, baccarat);

● baccarat, dice, scratch;

● slot machines;

● live games.

There are casinos with their own exclusive entertainment, the rules of which are seriously different. All establishments also offer access to machines in the Demo mode, where bets are not in real currency. If you have never played slots before, we advise you to start with the Demo. This will help you get acquainted with the functionality of the casino, learn how to play slot machines and just understand whether you like this type of entertainment or not.

The principle of online casinos and slots operation

In any casino, both real and virtual, the most popular and demanded form of entertainment are slots, they are also slot machines. For the first time, such devices appeared in the 19th century in San Francisco. At that time, the machine was a huge iron box with mechanical control, three reels and symbols drawn on them. The jackpot was quite easy to calculate, since the slot had only 20 characters, therefore, the chance to “hit” it was 1: 18000. But such machines were easy to fool, as the players quickly figured out how much force to pull the lever.

Of course, the administration of the casino didn’t like this, because they need profit, not permanent losses, so gradually, along with the development of technology, the slots began to change. If earlier slot machines were installed at the very beginning of the casino, and their main audience was middle-hand players and women, now everything has changed dramatically. Slots is a very popular entertainment that does not require serious skills to play, just make a bet, choose a line and spin the drum. Slots is a constant game with luck, which is liked by so many users.

At the heart of the machine is the RNG – a random number generator that is completely unpredictable. The computer program is responsible for the generation of numbers, pre-calculating and deciding when to stop the virtual drum. As a result, the player sees on his monitor the resulting combination.

If we are talking about a classic series of three reels, then the RNG consistently gives out only three numbers. The program processes the given numbers, and calculates the position of the characters on the reel. Of course, the user does not see all this, he is only given the final result. If the combination was successful, then a certain amount of money is transferred to his account, and if not, then he only needs to spin the drum again, hoping for luck. The RNG works around the clock, while the machine is connected to the Internet, so it is unrealistic to predict the combination, this is pure chance. Even mathematical analysis will not help.

Slot machines are the main source of income for any online casino.

Slots in online schools do not have mechanical devices, torsion is pure computer graphics, and most modern slot machines have about a hundred different symbols and up to a thousand combinations, masterpiece modern graphics, voice acting and progressive jackpots. The control of the machine is completely transferred to the RNG and the software, and the player only needs to make a bet and click on the spin. You do not need to learn anything, no combinations, just place bets and rely on luck.

But still, the slots, for all their diversity, are noticeably different from each other. And no, we are not talking about the “plot”, graphics, characters, etc., here we are talking about the percentage of payment. This percentage is calculated from an infinite number of spins and their costs. Simply put, if you set 99% return on the machine, then from every dollar you will return 99 cents, and 1 cent always remains at the casino. Of course, having made just a couple of rotations – you simply won’t feel it, but at a distance – the effect of “recoil” will be more noticeable. Therefore, it is worth playing on slots where the maximum percentage of returns is set to minimize your expenses, while waiting for the moment when you finally hit your first jackpot!

And if you want to find out in which institutions you can find the most “giving” machines, we suggest you look into our rating of online casinos, where the best gaming clubs are collected, with the most beneficial bonuses, interesting slots and quick payouts!