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Competent Marketing is the key to the success of any online casino. Experienced companies that own gaming establishments around the world are well aware that there are two main marketing tools: “attraction” and “retention”. So, the first tool helps to attract new players, and the second – to keep them in a variety of ways,

using loyalty systems, tasty bonuses, holding various holiday promotions and so on.

So today we’ll talk about bonuses and their features in all casinos.

What are bonuses and why do they exist?

There is nothing complicated, and the answer to this question lies on the surface. It’s enough to drive “online casino” into the search engine and you will immediately receive thousands of pages with answers. The vast majority of gaming clubs rely on SEO, affiliate marketing and other tricks that allow you to get on the first pages of SERPs on Google and Yandex, thereby attracting maximum attention. But this is not so bad, how to make sure that newcomers stay to play in your institution?

Attractive design and usability are undoubtedly good, but you have to face it: the popularity of online casinos is increasing from year to year, which means that competition is growing. And yes, over the past 5 years, the progress in the field of online gambling has been evident.

Large gambling establishments, which deservedly occupy first places in the ratings of online casinos, work with the most famous providers, therefore they can offer the most interesting and popular entertainment for sophisticated gamers.

But this does not solve the problem, because gaming establishments have approximately the same set of games, i.e., an identical chance of winning in slots. Therefore, the administration of the casino has to go further, fighting with its colleagues for the hearts of the players.

And, until now, they have not yet come up with another way how to win players, how to give out bonuses that allow the player to start playing at the highest rates immediately.

And now we come close to the original question. So, bonuses are a way of providing the user free money or free spins which can be used exclusively in this institution. We all love a freebie, so the casino administration is ready to resort to this method of promotion actively.

The most common bonuses

In every gaming club, especially in the large ones that are included in our rating of online casinos, they try to come up with something new, but, as a rule, the following set of bonuses can be distinguished:

● Bonus for registration – the most popular offer, which is present in one form or another, absolutely on all game portals. This is a great option to welcome newcomers to their platform, and most importantly, get them to share their personal information. And this is the starting point where the player either stays in the system, or leaves for another casino, or simply stops playing. In exchange for registration, the game club can offer you a small amount of bonus money that you still need to win back, or free spins, which allows the player to enjoy the taste of the game instantly, without any loss of money.

● Deposit bonus – everything is clear based on the name. This bonus is intended for players who are ready to play for their own money. Just this option of bonuses is most often promoted by the casino operator, because it is the main source of income for them. Most often, the administration of the institution offers from 30 to 60% a bonus to your replenishment. That is, if you enter 10,000 rubles, you can get 16,000. Sometimes, in addition, the most generous casinos give out free spins as well.

● Reload bonus – this offer is even trickier and aimed at keeping regular players and attracting the attention of users who have not replenished their balance for a long time. This helps the operator to remind long-gone players about themselves, motivating them to return and take advantage of such an attractive offer. There exist many forms: from additional spins to a deposit size increase. To encourage the player to return right now, operators limit reload bonuses by time. By the way, such offers are often timed to some holiday or event related to the promotion of a new line of games.

● Weekly cashback / free spins is one of the most important tools that shows how serious the casino is. We all perfectly understand that a black stripe follows a white stripe, so no one will always be in the black. Most users are frustrated by losses, but the casino is not interested in people leaving them in frustrated feelings and never returning. Therefore, returning part of the lost funds (no more than 15%) is a great way to sweeten the pill. Individual free spins also work for players who lose a certain amount per day.

● No deposit bonuses – again, everything is said in the title. The player is given a certain amount of money or free spins, which can be immediately spent on the game without entering a dime on the casino accounts. Yes, the conditions for their wagering are quite strict, but players are willing to use this offer, since they have, albeit a small, but a chance to win at the casino, having received a small amount of money without investment.

This is all you need to know about existing casino bonuses and offers. But there is another important point, each bonus has its own wager. What does it mean? Oh, everything is quite simple, after you have received bonus money, you need to wager it, and do it 25-40 times, i.e. from 1000 rubles you will need to win back 40 000. So, think about whether you need this bonus or not.