Corona Isolation extended in Germany. Casinos also remain closed

12:24 / 15.03.2021 125 views
Corona Isolation extended in Germany. Casinos also remain closed

On February 10, the Federal Government and State Government agreed to extend the isolation till March 7. Also, the casino industry gets injured.

After the acceptance of this decision, the critical situation in the industry of land games in Germany still exists. As soon as the first blockage started, a lot of casinos were forced to introduce countermeasures in the form of a strict economy, in order to compensate for the drop in income.

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Frank Schwartz, the director of Sächsische Spielbanken GmbH, announced in the interview that some existing agreements with contractual partners should be stopped.The company developed the decisions with others, allowing it to cope with the consequences of corona.

The introduced measures will be keeped till the further announcement. Currently, the company is planning to resume work in March, 2021. At the same time, Frank Schwartz stressed the danger connected with casino closure.

With the extension of isolation, there is a risk that our guests will increasingly go to illegal online games and it will be difficult to play them.

The managing director realizes that returning to the regular functionality of a casino can take a lot of time. He suggests that the amount of users of the period till corona, probably will not be able to resume till 2022.

The losses are also noticed in the Bavary. After the all casino of the state and slot machine games were closed from March 14 till May 10, could only play in a casino to a limited extent because of distance and hygiene rules.

For example, retailers and museums can be opened again, if the sickness rate will be 35 new cases of infection on 100 000 residents, with the keeping the strict rules. However, it is not yet clear to what extent such regulation will benefit casinos other than their hotels and restaurants.

The repeated closure of all manufacturers on 1 November gave the additional stress on the economic situation. The administration of state lotery responsible for Baverishche Spielbanken has noticed that gross gambling income fell to about 57 million euro.

This corresponds to minus 34% compared to 2019. Reducing the number of visitors at times less. The attendance fell by about 50% in 2020. In this case, the Bavary will need a lot of time in order to reach the level that was till Corona.